Being Me with OCD: How I Learned to Obsess Less and Live My LifeAlison Dotson

I was given this in exchange for an honest review from

With devastating honesty, Alison Dotson’s book tells of her own experiences with OCD and the very dark places her disorder took her to, as well as her struggle to understand and live fully and happily with her diagnosis.

Equally a memoir relating her own difficulties and a self-help book offering others the wisdom of her own experience, Being Me with OCD is a fascinating and powerful book. In addition to Dotson’s own experiences and stories, she includes guest essays and meticulous research. Although written for teens, I think this is a wonderful resource for anyone struggling with a diagnosis — or a suspicion — of OCD or anxiety/panic attacks, as well as for anyone with a friend of relative dealing with this issue.

Dotson does a truly exceptional job of helping her readers understand the variety of ways this disorder impacts the lives of OCD individuals, and those who are close to them. She also demonstrates how empowering it is to understand one’s diagnosis and come to terms with it. Her own journey to acceptance was long and painful, and she offers the wisdom and empathy of her experience to readers who may be battling the same difficulties.

I think that this book is a remarkable resource for anyone who is discovering themselves and the world they must live in. I highly recommend Being Me With OCD!!


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