Taste a variety of PNR authors with anthology MAGICK RISING

This book was provided to me for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Magick Rising by Parker Blue is an anthology of 6 paranormal romance novellas from 6 different authors: P.J. Bishop, Evelyn Vaughn, Karen Fox, Laura Hayden, Jodi Andersen (Jodi Dawson), and Parker Blue. I love anthologies because they give me a range of tastes to choose from — like ordering every dessert on the menu just to have a tantalizing taste of each. Magick Rising is a perfect example of that experience, for me. Each of the novellas are very different, representing unique worlds and characters, and told by very different voices.  The authors come from a variety of backgrounds, including Urban Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, and YA fiction.

My personal favorite stories were Spirits Rising by Evelyn Vaughn, whom I had never read before (Discovering new authors to enjoy — the other reason I LOVE anthologies!) and Wolf Rising by Parker Blue. I also enjoyed Blood Rising by Karen Fox (usually like her stories) and A Shift in Magick by Laura Hayden.  Truthfully, I really enjoyed all the stories in this book and am happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a lovely dessert plate! Savor the tantalizing tastes and find a new favorite author!


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