Holiday Anthology Warms the Heart — Whatever the Season

Holiday Heartwarmer
Holiday Heart-warmer

Montana Christmas Romance by Danica Winters, Casey Dawes, R.L. Syme, Clare Tallier, Melissa Tenley, H.A. Somerled, Jade Barnaby.

I received this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Take a trip to Montana with this collection of seven heartwarming Christmas romances by award-winning and best-selling authors who call Montana home. This collection of stories from the mountains to the valleys of the Big Sky state will remind you of what is truly important and why you love the holiday season. Be ready to be swept away on a series of incredible journeys of the heart and soul.

Casey Dawes — author of Love on the Wind
Danica Winters —author of A Date for Christmas
R.L. Syme — author of Montana Mistletoe
Clare Tallier — author of Homecoming
Melissa Tenley — author of An Unexpected Gift
H.A. Somerled — author of Death at a Party
Jade Barnaby — author of The Stars She Lost

Montana Christmas Romance is a strong collection of holiday romances focused on the lives and loves of a range of men and women living in Montana. The stories are touching, humorous, uplifting and satisfying – with plenty to keep you warm in the cold winter season. Among them, the stories offer plenty of variety, with a little something for everyone from new loves to first loves, second chances and first awakenings, even seeing an old enemy with new eyes.

Themes of Christmas are woven throughout the stories, reflecting the feelings of love, hope and redemption inherent in the holiday season against the stark but gorgeous backdrop of wintertime in Montana. Tender, funny, even sometimes poignant, these stories are ultimately heartwarming and gratifying. Although holiday-themed, this book is a positive, pleasing read whatever the season.


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